ISTA 7E Certification VS SupplyChainz

Our thermal chamber analysis runs along a similar methodology as the ISTA 7E test. All analysis parameters are mutually agreed upon prior to analysis start. We do not charge for analysis, provided that the goal is to purchase our liner system upon successful completion of the analysis.

‚ÄčOur thermal chamber analysis results are used to develop a baseline performance recommendation and can be validated with 3rd party testing prior to use within your system.

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Analysis & Review

Upon completion of pre-determined analysis period, results are delivered in PDF or Excel format for review and discussion.


We gather needed samples of product, liner, gel packs and payload to be used for the analysis period and pre-condition all materials for 24 hours prior to analysis start.


We review existing cold chain packaging and outline analysis parameters including ambient chamber temperature, gel pack size/quantity, thermal liner density/thickness, temperature threshold and analysis length.

Thermal Chamber Analysis